Thursday, July 7, 2011


                    After years of exile on this isle
                    I furtively scan your face,                 
                    the eagle gaze still there.              
                    your clear brow now furrowed .             
                    Yet your warrior stance remains,

                    I lose you in dreams of dark swirling waters

                    dolphin slippery  evading  my hand.

                    I await your return from Circe’s thrall,

                    and  like faithful Penelope to retard,  
                    drop the pattern of the weave.

                    Parallel to Odysseus you have led men,

                    and now content to lead a flock of goats.

                    Curds molded by your hands        
                    are a worthy gift to the gods.

                    To match you I gather unripe olives                                                                                                                                  
                    yet green from an abandoned grove     
                     and weep salty tears to leach them of their

                     bitterness, simpler still than that of our lives.                       
                                                                               Antonia Baranov


  1. I understand my mistake--the reference to weaving in the other poem made me think I was right:)

    I like this too:)

  2. This was a very personal poem the man had 2000 or more followers and then resigned and there were betrayals as when dissolution of group w/strong leaders can happen. I lost him seven years and that day found him and the green olives I picked up made me think of his flock of goats and cheese he made. The two poems have points of reference of Odyssey more than I remembered. antonia

  3. I more and more love this poem! May I make one or two suggestions?

    Cut "to retard" which doesn't really work and isn't necessary.

    Change "Parallel to" to "Like".

    I am also not sure of the value of "furtively" in the second line: the line could live without it.

    I hope you don't mind these suggestions, my lady, made when tired but energised by re-reading such a lovely poem x

  4. I like this revision Antonia. I do agree with Steve to cut "to retard" and the changing of "Parallel to" to "Like".