Thursday, July 7, 2011


Asia attenuated by the sojourn in the steppes.

I will write a parallel journal to yours

Weave a gossamer web held by whale pins,

spittle and tears  to catch you in your lost flight.

Then grind into powder with a sprinkle of lavender

and  hyacinth water, lizard tongues and sparrow nest

stir my imaginary crone’s cauldron and chant my spell.

                                           We will take this journey together

Spiral down to the depths and soar

buoyed by dolphins play, sirens’ laughter.

Sea anemones in your hair trailing lazily

On moonlight beams.

Malice and spite will not get respite

I will swallow venom whole and

spew out shells and garlands of flowers.

Knowledge will come slowly in spurts,

harvest of blood and tears

and secret meanderings in the dark.

For I have been tried by fire and ice,

and enfolded into the Snow Queen’s wings

and withstood her kiss.

I have dreamt you, and felt your pain

and hunted you down like

anguished Demeter Persephone in Hades.

In accepting everything you are,

the chimeras, the dreams.

abominations and impersonations

These will all turn to play

and  you will re-invent yourself from

the light of your cells

and sing your song in grace.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Antonia Baranov


  1. oh, yes, my heart just expanded.

  2. This patient would have hallucinations she was a tiger or other feline because she worked in lab whe she was being harrassed, interpretation that she took on powerful animal impersonations to defend self. Even being enfolded in Snow Queen's wings happened more of a hallucination than a dream. So you see the therapy was a'folie a deux'. Antonia